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     This is me with 3 year old Lexie. She's my writing least she's always at my feet or side whenever I'm writing. We adopted her from a family who no longer wanted her. And they adopted her from a shelter. She was a very sick puppy---only 10 months old---when we got her. Three days after bringing her home, I had her at the Vet's office where they treated  her for an intestional parasite and both ears were badly infected.  But she recovered nicely and has made herself right at home with Craig and me.
      Lexie is a mix between lab and pitt.  When we first got her, she was predominantly lab. I think the pitt side of her comes out the older she gets. She's now very muscular, and she knows how to "throw her weight around" when she wants attention or wants to get past someone. 
      Although she looks big (I guess she really is since she weighs 83 lbs!!!), she's just a big sweetheart! She loves taking walks, getting belly rubs, and playing tug-of-war! What she doesn't like is water. That really surprised us since she's got so much lab in her. Lexie hates going outside in the rain and getting wet in general.  But she loves chewing on bones, taking long walks, and playing with her human family. Oh , and she loves visiting the dog park!