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Keep Your Marriage Alive!


  • Pack a picnic and go to the park, beach, or your backyard.
  • Visit a museum, botanical garden, or historical site.
  • Go berry picking (in season) out in the woods or at a U-pick place.
  • Share a common interest such as photography, painting, crafting, cooking, etc.
  • Give each other a massage followed by a mani/pedi.
  • Drive to a nearby town you've never visited before.
  • Go to yard sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, antique stores. Half the fun is seeing what's for sale!

Recently my husband and I were discussing howwe have managed to stay together...and happy...all these years. We'll celebrate our 33rd anniversary in October, 2016.  Other than compatibility, we did identify some things we think have made a difference.
 Put the other one first! Both of us have always put the other one's needs before our own. The only exception is when we've been physically ill or just had surgery. Then obviously, our spouse needs to take care of us!
Surprises matter! It can be something little like a note in a lunchbox, or something bigger, like a weekend getaway---regardless, keep those surprises coming for your spouse!

  • Learn what love language you each speak. Craig's love language is touch while mine is gifts. This translates into me showing him love by holding his hand when we're out in public, giving him lots of hugs, snuggling close on the couch when we watch TV. For me, he makes my coffee every morning (even though he can't stand to drink it), surprises me with  me daisies (my absolute favorite!), and cooks dinner for me.  (A gift can be a gift of service, not just sometime purchased.)
  • Men want their wives to respect them. It's not just enough to tell him you love him, he needs to hear you say you respect him as well. Then put those words into action! Respect his decisions by supporting them. Respect him by encouraging him instead of belittling or making fun of him. 
  • Wives need to hear their husbands love them. Women rely on their husband's love to feel secure and safe. 
  • Keep Dating after the wedding! No matter how many children you bring into this world, set aside one evening every week or twice a month to have a date night. Take advantage of Groupon or Living Social to get discounted tickets for outings you can enjoy together. Be creative! Craig and I have had dates where we didn't spend a dime, and others where we spent a small fortune.  The point is to keep dating each other!
  • Work on changing yourself. If you know you do something that bugs your better half, then work on changing yourself so you stop doing whatever that is. Whether it's leaving the toilet seat up, picking up dirty clothes off the floor, or keeping the dog out of the bedroom---work on changing the behavior to show your spouse you value him/her enough to make the effort.
  • Put God first in your relationship! When God is in control of your marriage and relationship, you can take all your problems and concerns to Him in prayer. You have an advocate. Afterall, God was the one who designed the institute of marriage in the first place!